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Vendor Information

  1. All applicants will be selected by the East Bethel Booster Days committee. Vendor companies will be on a first come, first serve basis. (i.e. The first Avon representative will get that spot)

  2. The City of East Bethel requires that all our vendors are covered by liability insurance to participate in the event. Please indicate if you carry insurance coverage on your registration. 

  3. Food vendors selling food or beverages for on-site consumption will posess the proper insurance and licensing as required by the county and/or state.

  4. Alcohol sales will only be allowed by the Cedar-East Bethel Lions and/or other vendor as invited by the EBBD Committee.

  5. Once your registration has been reviewed and accepted you will recieve an invoice for the appropriate vendor fee. (2022 Vendor Fees TBD) Vendor fee may be paid via CC or Check.

  6. Once your vendor fee has been recieved and processed you will be considered a registered vendor and will recieve confirmation.

  7. There will be no refund of vendor fees unless the event is cancelled by the East Bethel Booster Days committee. 

  8. The space that is available is approximately 10’x10’. This is an outdoor event. The East Bethel Booster Day committee does not provide any tents, tables or chairs.

  9. Booths should have neat, tasteful and appropriate displays that appeal to all ages.

  10. All vendors must keep their area neat while selling and make certain the area is clean before leaving.

  11. Participants must abide by the rules for set-up times as specified in the acceptance letter.

  12. Flyers, promotional items, etc. may be handed out only at vendor booths. No one including vendors, may walk around distributing flyers and promotional items on East Bethel Booster Day grounds before, during, or after the event

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