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2024 Booster Day Volunteer
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Volunteer Needs

Volunteering for East Bethel Booster Days is an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact and foster a stronger sense of community. By offering your time and skills, you contribute to the success of this vibrant celebration and help create lasting memories for both residents and visitors alike.


Volunteering allows you to connect with fellow community members, forge new friendships, and build a network of support. Moreover, being a part of the East Bethel Booster Days event provides a chance to showcase your talents, whether it's organizing activities, assisting with logistics, or engaging with attendees.


By giving back to your community, you not only enhance your own personal growth and fulfillment but also contribute to the overall well-being and unity of East Bethel. Joining as a volunteer for East Bethel Booster Days is an enriching experience that empowers you to make a real difference while enjoying a fun and festive atmosphere.

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  • Vendor Market Coordinator

  • Parade Coordinator

  • Fundraising/Volunteer Lead

  • Activity Leads

    • Have a great idea for an activity? Join the committee and help us plan!​

  • Committee Members​

    • Not sure exactly where you want to help? Join the committee as a member. ​

  • Volunteers for day of event

    • July  ​20, 2024

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